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Defence lawyers are legal professionals who can understand your situations better and fight for you to freedom. Whether you committed a felony or misdemeanour, the experience and the rough purge you go through is almost terrifying. Being accused of a crime you did not commit has life-changing and far-reaching effects for the rest of your life. It has the potential to turn around your education, your family and worst of all, your employment opportunities. Whether guild or not, you do have your rights as enshrined in the law. You are presumed innocent until the court has proven beyond reasonable doubts. You have the right to remain silent during interrogation, and nobody can do anything to make you talk.

In most cases, lawyers ask their clients not to talk to anybody without their permission. As stated earlier, the lawyers spend time to study your case and understand better how to unhook you from the long arms of the law.  Being arrested doesn’t mean that the state of the plaintiff has provable charges against you. You still have a chance to fight your way to freedom with the help of a lawyer until the exclusion of reasonable doubts is reached.


How the legal process works

Once arrested and charged with offences, you will be required to record a statement at the crime office, if you can do that yourself, well if not, you will be offered assistance. From there, you will be remanded pending the hearing in the court. During this period of remand, you will have the opportunity to apply for cash bail or a bond, of course, with the help of a lawyer. If you can afford a personal lawyer well and good, if not, the state is obligated to assign you, one state lawyer.


How a defendant should behave in jail

The lawyer will advise their client- the defendant never to discuss facts about their case with anybody without their permission. They should not make telephone calls to the outside world unless with their attorney. The two have the opportunity to discuss the facts of their case. The reason why they should keep mum about the facts of their case is that anything they say can be admissible in the courtroom and sometimes may be used to stand as an admission by the defendant that they committed the said crime.

Depending on charges you are accused of, sometimes detectives might come to question you in remand or the cells. If they do come for you, remember they are seeking facts about your case, and anything you disclose to them will disadvantage your defence in a court of law. It is safe for the defendant to tell off the detectives politely and confidently let them know that your lawyer asked you not to talk to any detective whatsoever. Talking over the telephone with members of the family is a risk to the case because telephone calls might be recorded without your knowledge and then used in the courts against you.

What you can discuss with relatives without a problem is the matter to do with bonds, bails, and maybe hiring of an attorney to stand for you in the courtroom.


Bond and bail

Bonds and bails are the amount of cash and surety that even if the defendant is set free, he/she will still be attending court hearings. The amount of bond or bail granted will depend on the gravity of your case.

If you need to find the right lawyer, ask for referrals from your friends and family.






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