What type of Gold Coast lawyers do you need?

What Type of Gold Coast Lawyers do you need?

The extensive field of available Gold Coast lawyers can be quite intimidating for the uninitiated when they need one. Therefore, it’s important that knowing the type of Gold Coast lawyers is figured out before approaching one of them.

 Getting a grip on the different expertise of Gold Coast lawyers is the best way for you to get the one you need. What then, are the different kinds of lawyers and what do they do?

Today’s world categorises 20 different types of lawyers. Each of the categories is based on their qualifications, roles, and specialisations. These include:

Labour and employment lawyer

Working hours, discrimination, harassment, benefits, overtime, and more are workplace disputes. The lawyers capable and experienced in settling workplace disputes specialise in employment and labour laws.

Labour lawyers commonly deal with unionised businesses while employment lawyers commonly handle cases in non-union workspaces.

Family lawyer

Settling domestic disputes and other family-related issues needs the services of a family lawyer. A wide range of responsibilities are handled by family lawyers including prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, and alimony.

Some family-related issues such as domestic abuse, adoption, surrogacy, child welfare, juvenile delinquency, guardianship, and more are also handled by family lawyers.

Many family lawyers are either part of a law firm or in solo practice. However, the rise of domestic disputes in the vulnerable sections of communities has also made non-profit organisations hire them to help.

Bankruptcy lawyer

Commercial or consumer bankruptcy problems are the specialised field of bankruptcy lawyers. Their deep knowledge, experience, and expertise in bankruptcy laws allow them to deal with creditors, individuals, or corporate institutions filing financial disputes against you.

Counselling is part of the deal bankruptcy lawyers provide as they guide their clients through bankruptcy filing and insolvency claims. Hiring the services of a bankruptcy lawyer also helps in restructuring finances after a bankruptcy filing.

Criminal defence lawyer

Public defenders or private criminal defence lawyers are the ones to hire when accused of doing any illegal activities. Their experience and deep understanding of the judicial system enable them to give the best legal defence to their clients.

Fair treatment, rights, and liberties of clients are protected with the presence of a criminal lawyer.

Estate planning lawyer

Estate planning is the expertise of estate planning lawyers. Clients needing help with their property rights or setting up wills and trusts need this type of lawyer. Having this lawyer in your corner ensures the true evaluation of your assets as well as provides help in the legal transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

Corporate lawyer

Businesses that want to comply with the requirements of federal, state, and local law need the services of a corporate lawyer. Some corporate operations that come under the expertise of the corporate lawyer include intellectual property, acquisitions and mergers, patent disputes, and contracts.

 IP or intellectual property lawyer

The Intellectual capital of creators and artists is best protected when they hire an intellectual lawyer. The experience and knowledge of the lawyer in areas such as trademarking, licensing, copyright laws, patenting, and branding make them invaluable member of the team.

Registering a patent or trademark legally can be an overwhelming experience for the uninitiated. Protecting your intellectual property is achieved by a lawyer familiar with all intellectual property regulations and procedures.

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