Why would you hire a body guard?

When the rich and the famous require protection, they make sure that they hire the best bodyguards. These body guards are equipped with a special set of skills. Their skills help them provide the best protection for their clients. While the image of a body guard is a pretty glamorous one, there is a great deal more to being a personal body guard. The following are a few secrets known to body guards only.

  • While the bouncers at a club need to have a massive physique to control roaring crowds or a group of rowdy teens, a body guards doesn’t necessarily have to be so beefed up. Sometime clients wish to have body guards who are as discreet as possible. They would rather go for someone who has a normal looking physique and looks just like a regular person. However their skills lie in the fact that they are mentally agile and can easily combat an open threat.
  • There is a big difference when it comes to protecting a celebrity and protecting the CRO of a company. While the rock star or the movie star might need all the equipped like flashing guns, a CEO simply requires a person who can guard them well. Most of the time there is actually no need to use the gun or any other protective equipment. Their main goal is to cover and protect without actually having to use any force.

  • Many time a body guard is simply hired if a company head fears retributions for laying off previous employees. In these cases it’s necessary that they are offered the right kind of protection. In certain cases the termination might be hostile and the employee might try o seek out revenge from their employer. In instances like these the need for protection has to be as discreet as possible.
  • Just because body guards are seen protecting the rich and the famous, it is by no means an indication that they live a similar lifestyle. In fact it’s never like that for them. They may ravel on private jet or accompany their clients on cruises, but they don’t exactly live in the lap of luxury. In all this ostentation they need to be on high alert at all times. They don’t really get to enjoy those perks a great deal. Even during these times their major aim to offer as much protection and cover to their clients as possible. While they may live in a house with a Jacuzzi or a pool but they don’t use those amenities and rather keep to themselves in their own space.
  • The main purpose they are hired is to help make their clients life easier. For example a body guard knows all the short cuts and all the place which are least likely to have a hoard of people. This way their clients can come and go without a great deal of hassle.

The following are just a few things about being a body guard. It takes a great deal more than just a good physique. Exclusive Protection are body guards for hire who go through rigorous training to reach a position through which they can offer maximum protection for their clients.


Why hire a digital agency?

Do you want more exposure or to reach new markets? Do you want to grow your business? Worry no more. The digital agency is what you need to hire to achieve these results.


Nowadays, having a website or social media can lead to more sales. You need to create content, manage the website or social media so that you get much value from it. Thus, you need a lot of time to do all these. A digital agency can do this within a short duration.

Below are reasons why you should hire a digital agency.

To promote your brand across channels


It will help promote your business in all areas of marketing. You hire expertise with skills in every area of digital marketing who will support your entire brand through all the available channels. This gives a complete marketing package to promote your business.


Enables you to focus on running your business


They free up your hands by taking the helm of your marketing needs. You can take the reins on other essential aspects of your company. If you want to spend more time in strategic planning, finding better efficiencies in operations, portfolio management or research and developing, then having a digital agency to handle digital marketing strategies will give you the time you need.


Reduce marketing costs


The agency is much less costly over time compared to an in house operation. Agencies work as contractors which enables you to eliminate payroll taxes. You will also reduce the recurring cost of hiring full-time employees such as health care costs and salaries.


Most of the agencies already have essential digital marketing tools which means that you will not spend in purchasing them.


Scalability of the service


With a digital agency, there are no constraints on your current team or need to expand your team. It usually accommodates all your needs in your growing business and offers several plans and packages that suit your business.


When targeting a new market, it is ideal that you have a scalable and flexible agency.


You get new ideas


A digital agency gives you great ideas on the techniques that will provide you with the best results. You get a new perspective to what your team had been doing before. They create new ideas based on the consumer’s viewpoint by assessing your efforts in marketing.


It will assist you in locating the target audience in social media, what the audience likes and how to share it. This will boost your social media campaigns.


Staying relevant to your industry


They research your market and identify your competition which is very important in launching campaigns. You need to know your industry, your competition, and the latest marketing practices to ensure quantifiable results.


They target and research the target audience to understand their preferences and interests. You will then adopt marketing strategies that ensure maximum results and relevance in the business.


Results are measurable


They can provide analytics and reports which gives you a tangible measure of results you get through your services. Their expertise and specialisation in digital marketing allow them to assign accurate values to any campaign to prove the effectiveness of the approach.

For these reasons hiring a digital agency is the best action for companies seeking to establish their products online and worldwide.

Business Digital Strategy

The economic and social environment is changing rapidly. The digital revolution brought about by the rise of digital technologies is profoundly disrupting businesses. Driven by this transformation, technological innovation, strong competition and changes in consumer demand and behavior are driving businesses to change.

To take advantage of these changes and opportunities, it is therefore essential to develop a digital strategy whose core is improving the customer experience. Via Consultants supports you in this process which involves the deep and accelerated transformation of the activities, processes, skills and models of the organization.

The main objectives:

  • Intelligently integrate technological innovation, such as digital tools, web and mobile applications, robotics, automation, connected objects, etc .;
  • Increase the agility of the organization by developing flexible and scalable solutions;
  • Optimize the value chain and review business models;
  • Simplify, optimize and automate business processes.


  • Improved customer experience
  • Simplification of processes
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduced operational deadlines
  • Minimized risks
  • Increase in market shares
  • Revenue growth
  • Increased organizational agility

The path to digital transformation is not necessarily easy. But adding a digital dimension to your business is an essential goal that will allow you to multiply interactions and transactions in the lives of your customers, employees and partners.

Business Councils

Established under the aegis of the CGEM, in partnership with its foreign counterparts, the Councils of Business play a very important role in the dynamics of economic development of Morocco and represent an essential tool for the promotion of the international exchanges, the encouragement of the partnership relations and the strengthening of cooperation between Morocco and its foreign counterparts.

The CGEM supervises and animates 43 Bilateral Business Councils. Each Board is led by members who operate in the relevant market with in-depth knowledge of the specificities and approaches to be adopted.

Constitution of Business Councils:

A Moroccan Council (under the auspices of the CGEM) and a counterpart employers council are constituted respectively in Morocco and in the country concerned in order to ensure liaison and consultation between the economic circles of the two countries, to facilitate access to commercial information and allow its centralization and dissemination to CGEM members.

  • Each Council is made up of representatives of the business world. Board management methods are set separately in each country;
  • Each Council is autonomous in its own field of action while collaborating and cooperating closely with the other Council.


Each Business Council is headed by a President and has at least five members appointed by the latter and chosen from among the members of the CGEM up to date of their contributions.

The President of the Business Council is appointed by the President of the CGEM for a term of 3 years renewable once by decision of the President of the CGEM. His function can not be combined with that of President of another Business Council.

Criteria for Appointment of the President:

In order for a Chairman of the Board of Directors to carry out his mission, he must meet a number of criteria, including:

  • To be a member of the CGEM and up-to-date dues;
  • Have a sense of commitment and be available to carry out the activities of the Business Council;
  • Operate, as part of his professional activity, in the relevant market and have a thorough knowledge of the specificities and approaches to be adopted.